Company History

The strategic field of our company is the completion of high-innovative content tasks in ICT research, based on the nature and social sciences’ basic research activities, from applied research to technological development and software developments.

ELTE-Soft has grown out from the Research and Education Centre of Informatics (IKKK) of ELTE University and from the scientific and technological achievements GVOP-3.2.2.-2004-07-0005/3.0 project. Our company has successfully applied for funding in the KMOP-2008-1.1.2 call („Development and Strengthening R&D Centres”). This construction has the objective to fund those existing and successful companies formed from the R&D companies, higher educational institutions and non-profit research institutes, and to support coordination with business community. The project ran from September 1th 2009 to June 30th, 2012. The budget was 940 million HUF, from which the industrial partners provided 470 million HUF, and the NFÜ also 470 million HUF. The obligation for maintenance keep up to December 31th, 2015, with yearly financial statements.

The first stage of operation from 2009 to 2012 has been successfully closed, the operational conditions strengthened, turnover stabilized. Out company is continuously developing its working staff, and has employed a notable number of professional co-workers. Beyond professional staff workers, we provide occupation also for university research groups. This provides an advantage for further direct utilization of results and experience in education and training.

Primary considerations on operating the company for the next time interval (2013-2015):

  • Primary requirements are to ensure economic stability and good professional reputation.
  • Continued knowledge-accumulation and market realization of given knowledge.
  • Based on the market cognitions, support for the University in utilization of achievements in research.
  • Further improving non-profit activities in the company: involving professional results in the higher education and training.