Our company’s basic non-profit activity is research and development in ICT. Further activities are: computer programming, information technology consulting, other professional, technological and scientific activities.

Research and technology development in geophysics and geosciences: developments in geoinformatics, teaching and training, database building, application development for the oil industry and mining (Middle-East, North Africa).

Building close relationships with state polity, ministries and service institutions for administration; further development of existing relations, for example on the fields of geoinformatics, telemetrics for the state policies, image processing for the agronomy, hyper-spectral telemetry, statistical systems for the human resources field, development of data-reporting services based on data mining methods and timeline analyzers, in inland and European context.

Building on service-oriented software architectures, SOA-based application development in the significant accentuated projects, (see: EKOP, AROP projects). SOA-based complementary software components for the global market, designed over multinational companies’ products.

Support of ICT masters’, post-gradual and adult training; keeping up and improving scientific-information background for making new studies available.

Research and development cooperation with governmental and industrial partners in the fields of inland and EU tenders.